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The initial excitement of your new home redevelopment project in Molesey will be something that needs to be combined with the expertise of professionals in the industry.

At Surrey Interiors we have established and developed our reputation as a local and personable building work and refurbishment company who can help you to get the best out of your Molesey home.

Our experience in the world of space planning, building work and refurbishments across Molesey has ensured our service is trusted by homeowners and property developers all over Surrey, too.

We have worked with homeowners and property specialists in the area for over two decades. Transforming kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas and home studies throughout this time, we have been able to apply our work from consultation through to installation alongside our clients.

Why choose Surrey Interiors for your home redevelopment in Molesey?

Since 1994 we have become a leading provider of space planning and development work which is framed by our helpful and understanding outlook to every project.

All our projects at Surrey Interiors start as we mean to go on: with a free design consultation.

We will get to know everything from the room you want to transform, the style you want to achieve, the budget you have set out and the ideas you have for the space.

By accumulating this information on your kitchen redesign, bathroom refurbishment or building work for your home study, bedrooms or living areas, we are sure we can offer an outstanding service for your Molesey home.

What makes our space planning and refurbishments stand out at Surrey Interiors?

If you are searching for a professional and experienced team in Molesey for your interior refurbishment or refit, Surrey Interiors are ideal. This is also framed by our standing as an accredited member of the KBSA (Kitchen Bedroom Specialist Association).

KBSA is a leading body who are set out to provide better transparency for all customers who want to transform their home by calling upon trusted building work and refurbishment services in their local area.

To meet the demands of Molesey for each and every one of our kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home study or loving area redevelopments in the area, we have to hit these points:

  • All building work and refurbishments must include all fittings such as electrics and plumbing
  • Some of our products must be available to view in a showroom
  • All the items on display must be available to purchase
  • Our company must have been trading solvently for at least two years

Our team at Surrey Interiors meet these demands in every refurbishment we perform in Molesey and further afield.

If you would like to understand more about how we can revolutionise your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living areas, get in contact with us for a free consultation.


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