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Knocking through your dining room wall, redesigning your stairwell or maximising the space in your loft. Homeowners across Laleham are choosing and entrusting our team at Surrey Interiors to help revolutionise their spaces.

Interior redesign and home renovations in Laleham from our professionals will lead you towards a cost-effective solution. This solution will come from our expert consultation, be shaped by our design and then implemented by our experienced fitting and installation team.

The result of our work will depend on a variety of factors for your Laleham home, such as:

  • Your budget
  • Your spaces
  • Your home’s limitations
  • Your ideas

All these elements will be discussed and analysed through our personal and friendly consultation service for your home in Laleham.

Why choose Surrey Interiors for your interior renovation?

Our team at Surrey Interiors have been offering home renovation services and space planning since 1994. During our time in the business, we have been able to offer refurbishments and building work in Laleham for both small and large projects.

During our time in the world of building work and renovations for homeowners in Laleham, we have successfully redesigned kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, dining rooms and home studies.

In each case we have been able to produce designs that stand the test of time, create bright and open spaces and maximise your home’s potential.

Our personable consultation team begin the process while our installation and fitting experts complete the project. This combination of experience and expertise in the building and renovating world makes us an ideal choice for home renovations in Laleham.

Instilling confidence through our KBSA accredited membership

One of the main reasons we are continually trusted by homeowners in Laleham is our KBSA (Kitchen Bedroom Specialists Association) membership. As a leading body for the home renovation and fitting world, we are proud to be one of their approved members.

As a member we are required to offer a range of assured benefits for every customer that we work with, such as:

  • All KBSA retail members offer a design and installation service, Including the fitting of units, plumbing (gas and water) and electrics
  • All KBSA retail members are required to have been trading solvently for over two years. You can rest assured that none of them are ‘fly by night’ or nearly start-up companies.
  • All KBSA retail members have their own showrooms with permanently fitted displays, so that you can personally check and see the quality of the kitchen, bathrooms or bedrooms you are buying.
  • KBSA retail members will be able to supply all the products that they have on display.

We can offer you all these benefits as standard through our accreditation with KBSA.

If you would like to get the process begun with our team at Surrey Interiors, speak with us today.


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