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Bathrooms are often the first room we see the need to renovate. This might be because it falls into disrepair easier than other rooms. Or, maybe, because it’s used by all members of the family. Most bathrooms typically needs renovating at least every 15 years. Fortunately it’s also one of the most fun and creative rooms to revamp. From colourful tiles to wall mounted faucets, designers have become increasingly innovative.

If you require bathroom design in Berkshire, Surrey Interiors are keen to help. Whether you like bold, subtle, modern or traditional, we guarantee a design that will ‘wow’ everybody. With 20 years’ experience in the design and installation of bathrooms, we bring the skills and knowledge needed to transform this room.

Since every bathroom is unique, we listen closely to your specific requirements. We want to ensure the tranquil and relaxing space desired, is exactly as you imagined.

Established in 1994, Surrey Interiors work throughout Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. Along with bathroom design, we also specialise in bedrooms, kitchens and home studies.

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