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Beautiful Bathroom Designs In Surrey

Is it time to update your bathroom design in Surrey?

Bathrooms are often the only rooms used by everyone on a daily basis. While kitchens are a communal environment, not everybody spends a lot of time there; meanwhile, children and teenagers are always using the bathroom.

Unsurprisingly this room can get messy easily and often ‘ages’ faster than other rooms. A typical bathroom usually needs revamping after 15 years, but many people put this off because of the inconvenience.

Summer is an excellent time to have your bathroom refurbished, as a great deal of work can be completed while you’re on holiday.


Beautify your bathroom this summer with Surrey Interiors.

Specialising in bespoke bathrooms, Surrey Interiors can take care of everything from the design and installation to finishing touches. Our bathroom fitters are highly experienced and offer all the advice you need on updating your bathroom.


Whether you want the design to include a standing bathtub, the latest power shower or metallic tiles, our team can make it happen. We will ensure even the tiniest details are taken care of- from soft-close toilet seats to the grouting.

Based in Walton-Upon-Thames, we work with clients based all over Surrey. All bathrooms are fitted to the highest standards and can include free under-floor heating.

To book a free home consultation, simply call 0800 183 2044.