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Fitted Bedrooms in Leatherhead

Bedrooms are the most private of rooms and the one which most reflects your individual personality. When giving this room a revamp, you naturally want it to capture your unique taste and style.

Everybody’s design tastes change over the years, with a teenager wanting a vastly different bedroom to a child. Once we hit 13 or 14 we tend to dislike childish features, like clown patterned wallpaper or gaudy coloured wardrobes. Various age groups also have different needs regarding storage and space. While children often have oodles of toys, teenagers need more surface space for cosmetics and technology.

Adult bedrooms tends to be the perfect blend of practicality and style. They also tend to be a lot tidier than teenager’s rooms!

If a family member desperately wants a bedroom updated in Leatherhead, simply contact Surrey Interiors. We can transform any room into a luxury fitted bedroom and even give a free design consultation on any room. With a range of contemporary and traditional styles, and over 80 colours in Matt or Gloss options, we’re sure to create something unique. All bedrooms come with a ten year guarantee.

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