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Transform your bedroom in 2016

Bedrooms are often one of the last rooms to receive attention, interior-design wise. They are not a communal room or usually seen by visitors, after all. But paradoxically they are the most personal rooms in the house, and those that most benefit from someone’s unique sense of style. As your private domain, they’re a real refuge during the bleak (and increasingly wet!) winter months.

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You want your bedroom to be cosy, comfortable, practical and relaxing, whether it’s being used for work, play or sleep. It should also reflect each age group, with children’s bedrooms more suitable for play and teenagers for study.

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Surrey Interiors deliver the best fitted bedrooms throughout the county, including in Esher, Claygate and the surrounding areas. We can transform even the drabbest room into a luxury fitted bedroom, with all the best accessories and finishing touches.

Along with the finest fitted bedrooms, we currently have a sale on kitchens, along with free underfloor heating for bathrooms. Simply book a consultation between now and 3rd January, and you can benefit from these amazing offers.

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