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Beautiful Fitted Bedrooms in Ascot

Dreaming of a new fitted bedroom in Ascot?

A bedroom is your private refuge away from the world where you rest and rejuvenate. They are the most personal rooms in any house- Kate Moss’s bedroom, for instance, would look nothing like David Attenborough’s.

Bedrooms also one of the most variable rooms, as they come in all shapes, styles and sizes. No other room in the house requires bespoke fittings more than a bedroom.

What better gift than a new bedroom this Christmas?

Whether your bedroom’s stuck in a time warp or simply unpractical, Surrey Interiors can completely transform any type of space this winter.

From a baby’s first bedroom to the master bedroom itself, our luxury fitted bedrooms are perfect choice for any room. We have a range of both traditional and contemporary styles to choose from, with over 80 matt and gloss options.

Surrey Interiors will make your bedroom just as unique as you are.

Our bedrooms are tailored to suit your specific purposes, including innovative storage options and design techniques. From calm and soothing colours to the most stylish wardrobes and furniture, it’s all taken care of by our experienced designers.

All our bedrooms come with a 10-year guarantee and we offer a free design consultation on any room, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, home study or bathroom.

Based in Walton-on-Thames, we are ideal for customers in Surrey, including Ascot.

Let’s bring your dream room to life in 2017!