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New Year, New Bathroom In Effingham?

What will 2017 bring for bathroom designs?

Many people are predicating this will be the year of the bidet- a feature which has previously fallen out of fashion. Others think designs will feature the lush greens of the English countryside. Whatever the trends might be, Surrey Interior can design the most stunning, personalised bathroom for your home in Effingham.


The importance of your bathroom.

When refurbishing your home, the bathroom is often the first place to start; this room tends to age quicker than any other room, especially since it’s used by every member of the household.

Since we spend more time than ever in our bathrooms, it’s important to make them both functional and stylish.

Nonetheless, many people are daunted at the idea of having their bathroom refurbished; particularly if it’s been the same for years. But don’t fear- Surrey Interiors can design your dream bathroom, and take care of all aspects of its installation.

Revamping your bathroom is usually always worth the hassle- a good bathroom design not only improves your lives; it raises the value of your home. For those looking to buy a home, the bathroom can make-or-break their decision.

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